Saturday, October 30, 2010

Rocky Again

Once more we went to see TRHPS with the same people performing as was in my last blog. Again, it was a memorable experience. Though we waited past the midnight showtime for the movie to begin (probably because though it was a sold out show. Some of the seats did not get filled so the SRO people were able to sit for the show.), it was worth the wait. The show that the Outskirts performed before the main feature was short but funny. There might have been more, but time constraints wouldn't allow it.
Once again, the actors added to the performance, not hindered. The audience played along with the performers and were allowed to shout their lines at the screen and were able to be heard by all. (Water pistols were not allowed, probably due to the fact that with the close quarters of the venue, safety was a prime concern.) Some (ahem) added features were added to this performance that was not in the previous performance at The Palace. The woman who played Columbia did do a scene topless, which may not be appropriate for the younger age group. However, the show is on a midnight and it is a movie about an alien transvestite making a man to have sex with, so adult things will happen.
All in all, this is a show that I can't wait to see again next year, and all the people who went with me and my wife this time had a great time too. Bravo Ouskirts  for a job well done!!

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