Monday, October 25, 2010

Rocky at The Palace

The wife and I went to see The Rocky Horror Picture show at The Palace tonight. Many years ago, in our youth, my wife, Carole and I went to Wolf Road to catch RHPS at one of the two venues that showed it at the time. It was a great date night!!! Doing the Time Warp and yelling at the screen was a highlight to a boring, school laden week. Afterwords, we would head over to Denny's and meet some of the other fans and talk about the movie and any new lines that we might have tried out that week. Those were great times.

Since then, we both grew apart, found each other again, got married and had a beautiful daughter. Last year we found out that they were showing RHPS not once, but twice on Halloween week. On Monday, was The Palace and Friday, The Linda. It was a great reliving of our younger years.

This year they added a new twist in the experience with The Whip-It Outskirts, a Rocky Horror stage show that is performed during the movie. With The Palace Theater, the show, for the most part, worked. It was a funny accompaniment to the film that was on the screen. The troupe at times did a little bit of Improv, especially before the film, but not enough to deteriorate from the enjoyment of the movie. The only drawback that I could see was the BULLHORN. It really started to get annoying around the middle of the film as it blared out the Audience lines that overtook what anyone else wanted to say. When people go to RHPS, many of them like to hear their lines , especially if they use an old line or they want to try something new. The Bull Horn detracted from that. 

I hope that when they come to the Linda on Friday, they leave that horn at home. With such a small venue, it would overtake it even more and would really annoy a lot of people.

Other than that, it was a really great show!!!!

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